ColumbusAgain AR SDK

An Augmented Reality SDK

ColumbusAgain has a completely in-house engineered Augmented Reality SDK for iPhone/Android/Windows Phone platforms.

ColumbusAgain AR SDK

ColumbusAgain AR SDK


How to Get Started ?

There are different ways in which this SDK can be used.

  1. Blue  (AR SDK license only)
  2. Silver  (AR SDK License + Cloud Recognition Service License)
  3. Gold  (AR SDK License + On-premise Image Recognition Engine)
  4. Platinum  (AR SDK License + On-premise Image recognition Engine + Mobile App Development)

What it Does ?

It is a Marker less Augmented Reality. When the user points the mobile phone camera to a pre-uploaded image on some print advertisement (newspaper/billboard) it will automatically recognise the advertisement and fires a pre-configured action. The matching happens both in mobile app and also in the server side depending on the number of images. The server could match more than 1000 and even millions of images.

It could also be used in other Image Matching Application.

Can I try it for FREE ?

Of course, we have a free trial license for you to play around with the SDK.

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